how much does rebag charge to sellhow much does rebag charge to sell

how much does rebag charge to sellhow much does rebag charge to sell

how much does rebag charge to sellMarch 14, 2023

Risk-Of-Loss. All amended terms automatically take effect 30 days after they are initially posted on the Services, unless that amendment states otherwise. The Rebag Rewards Program ("Program") is a free rewards program offered by Trendly, Inc. ("Rebag") to its customers. By continuing, . Of course, these costs vary depending on the tax rate where you live and the value of your home. If an item is not approved after our vetting process, we will contact you with additional information. Rebag may, in its sole discretion, suspend, cancel or combine Rebag accounts that appear to be duplicative. The prices presented by Rebag's Clair tool or Fashionphile's Luxury Pricing Index (a similar pricing tool that just isn't public-facing) are based on data culled from its years in business, as well as the overall market, which these companies use to build and improve their proprietary algorithms. Why haven't you received my order yet? Items must have been purchased either in our stores, or on our website/app and shipped within the US. Anthony Laurence Jewelers. Rebag therefore reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update the Content at any time without prior notice. Our model gets smarter over time as more people share salaries on Glassdoor. Requirements. To transact in-store, visit the Rebag Bar in any of our locations, and an associate will assist you with the process. how long can you live with a coiled aneurysm? So you get $80 for your $200 product. All stores are cash free. In the event the Product has already been sent to Rebag, the changed offer will become a New Offer subject to the processes set forth in previous sections. For In Store Purchases All stores are cash free. Rebag also has an app, which you can download on your smartphone to speed up the buying or selling process or to just browse the beautifully curated selection whenever. 2698 out of 3452 found this helpful. Items sold in condition Outlet are for Final Sale only and are not subject to Rebags standard return policy or cancelation policy. After we have confirmed your request via email, we will remove access to your personal information from our user database. Rebag may present links in a format that enables us to understand whether they have been followed. Rebag Credit does not expire and can be used in combination with other promotions and across multiple purchases. We highlight products and services you might find interesting. The Exchange for value is calculated at checkout as 75%, 70% or 60% of the Purchase Price for each item depending on the Infinity Period you are in. Import and Export Laws. After a Cash Out transaction occurs, you will receive a notification confirming such payment transaction. Any reference to "transaction" or the transaction value in these Terms for purposes of calculating a members lifetime transaction value or collecting Rebag Rewards Points includes all Rebag products traded, purchased or sold online at and in Rebag retail stores. Your handbags will then go through our thorough vetting process, which takes approximately 2-3 business days. I normally take jewelry there for a deep cleaning, they also inscribed my wedding band and did a wonderful job." For your assurance, please request a receipt as proof to confirm that the package was dropped off and scanned at UPS. IF YOUR PRODUCT IS DEEMED UNAUTHENTIC, AND AS PER THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES, WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT ACCOMMODATE ANY RETURN, EVEN AGAINST A FEE. Rebag reserves the right to terminate or suspend your use of the Rebag Website and/or the Rebag Services if you do not comply with this Agreement or any other Rebag policy or procedure, or for any other reason we determine, in our sole discretion. In the event of a lost package, please contact Rebag Client Services by phone at 1-844-373-7723 or by email at [emailprotected] for assistance. Absolutely! Other companies' use of their cookies is subject to their own privacy policies, not this one. Rebag Gift Cards can only be redeemed on the Rebag website and apps. Because it's well-organized, well-presented, and well-curated Rebag is sure to make any hangbag aficionado swoon. Rebag's 2021 Clair Report shows how brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Bottega Veneta are retaining more of their retail value now, as compared to previous years. to protect your personal information against unauthorized access and disclosure. 2. When the brand itself is no longer producing that style, or has yet to reissue it, the resale market is a trend-hungry shopper's only resource, and it's not long before the algorithm notices the change in sale velocity and hikes up the price. Additionally, you can find some cool, vintage pieces that you wouldn't be able to find in a retail store today. If you dropped off your item at a Rebag store, it will be held for a limited period of time. Rebag might also receive information about you from third parties such as social media platforms and public websites and add it to your account information. By using the Rebag Trade service and performing a trade-in transaction you hereby agree to the following: You represent and warrant that you are the sole and rightful owner of the item(s) which you have offered for trade-in and have full authority to sell or otherwise dispose of the(se) item(s). As a Refer-a-Friend member (an "Advocate"), you are subject to Rebag's Terms of Use and Rebags Privacy Policy, as well as the following additional Terms & Conditions for Rebags Refer-a-Friend program: A Qualified Referral is defined as a purchase made at by a person (a "Referred Customer") who arrives to our website by clicking your Refer-a-Friend program link. Rebag ("The Company") offers services (the "Rebag Services") through which you can sell certain luxury items (the "Products") after receiving an "offer" from Rebag by identifying your Product or completing check-out on the Rebag Website. Here is an in-depth overview of the 3 major US-based luxury resellers that can make selling . 301081705893 3. All shipments are tracked and insured. There will be access to hand sanitizer for both customers and employees. Rebag and its affiliates ("Rebag", "we" or "us") offer the Services. Computers also aren't observing broader market changes that could cause demand for a style to suddenly skyrocket or plummet. All you have to do is take pictures of the bag from all angles, uploading them to the site and making note of any spots, scratches, stains etc. If you have received an email confirming your submission, but have not received an offer in 1-2 business days, please contact Rebag Client Services by email at [emailprotected] or by phone at 1-844-373-7723 with your reference number. Sign up for the Fashionista daily newsletter. Your Seller Funds and associated benefits, including but not limited to Premium Payouts incentives and spending bonus incentive, are personal to you and may not be sold, transferred, assigned, or shared with, in whole or in part, with family, friends or any other persons, or used by you, your agents, employees, directors, officers, or assignees, for any commercial purpose. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding the above Agreement, please feel free to email [emailprotected]. Yes. However, unless expressly permitted by Rebag, Rebag Rewards Points are never redeemable for cash, for another product, for gift cards or for e-gift certificates and cannot be used as payment for any in-store paid services or our subscription programs. Any brands not featured on this list are not accepted and are therefore unable to be purchased. Rebag makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all information you receive in relation to your Product. NO CONFLICT OF LAWS OR PROVISIONS OF ANY JURISDICTION WILL APPLY TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. (Though, new ones are going for much closer to retail.) You can use several Rebag Credit codes in the same purchase. You can sell via online consignment stores, or you can sell it on your own directly to the buyer. Jun 18, 2017. Where Rebag sites contain a plug-in to a social network, these are clearly marked (e.g. Your Payout Currency is the currency that we will use for settling your Seller Funds proceeds to your Rebag Wallet. We encourage you to ask questions before you disclose your personal information to others. The stakes are particularly high for sites like Fashionphile and Rebag that pay. Rebag sells and buys authentic second-hand bags from the most sought-after designer handbag brands (Credit: Rblfmr / Shutterstock) . Rebag Gift Cards can only be purchased on Rebag website and apps. This $10 return assurance fee will be netted from any payment due by Rebag to the seller. Customer Accounts. In the event Rebag recalculates the offer it provided for the Product after it has been received and inspected, as described above, you shall have the option of accepting or rejecting the new offer. If you choose Rebag Credit, an additional 15% will be added to your quoted price. Rebag Gift Cards are issued and can only be issued by Rebag. Once you have agreed to our offers and we received your items, we are unable to send them back to you. Once approved, we will proceed with the shipment of your purchase and you will receive a shipping confirmation email. We will automatically link your Rebag Wallet to your Rebag account. If not, we may decline to purchase. All transactions will take place at the Rebag Bar where we have added a sneeze guard to protect the customer and the employee from close contact. Otherwise, the changed offer will be re-issued, which you may accept or reject. If you do not agree to the changes, you may discontinue using the Rebag Websites and/or the Rebag Services. Any Product deemed not authentic by Rebag or with condition that has been misportrayed will only be returned to you against a $10 fee. Not anymore. 28 reviews of Rebag "The newest (and smallest) Rebag location, located downstairs near Nordstrom. You agree that the final trade-in value of your item is subject to Rebags inspection of the item and that all final determinations are made at Rebag's sole discretion. about that very item's illogical resale price. You agree to transact with us electronically, including without limitation, agreeing to terms and conditions or offering to sell your Product by electronic means. Thanks to social media, trends emerge and flame out faster than ever. You can reset your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent; however if you reject cookies, you will not be able to sign in to the Services or take full advantage of our Services. We are open 7 days a week including most holidays, with the exception of December 25 and January 1. growing cohort of enterprising millennial and Gen-Z luxury buyers and sellers, treating handbags as financial investments, following trends we've seen in the sneaker market, raising prices annually or even biannually, limiting clients to purchasing only one or two, 2017's Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration. So when someone enters information like brand, style, size, color, material and condition, a price is automatically generated. They are extremely knowledgeable and will find out counterfeits. As of January 1, 2023, the TAF is $0.000145 per share (equity sells) and $0.00244 per contract (options sells). 15.1 miles away from Rebag. The Clair service gives you 70 percent of the retail price, while the StockX service gives you 40 percent. When it comes to selling your designer handbag, there are two ways in which you can do it. What designers does Rebag accept? Every few weeks the price is dropped until it hits 90% off. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof. This is expected in the world of sneaker reselling, where releases are limited-edition and the inventory is typically pristine, without so much as a speck of dust on the box. The Real Real has a series of timed discounts that they put on your items. If you interact with a social network plug-in (e.g. Over the past few years, there has been serious growth in the luxury-goods market. You agree to ship your Trade item(s) or drop-them off at a Rebag Store promptly. Delivery delays may occur due to external factors such as customs clearance. There should be no noticeable flaw, no functional nor physical problem. Bring your item to one of our stores, and we will provide an offer, complete our vetting process, and issue payment in under an hour. 2. Rebag does not, however, guarantee that any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions will be corrected. Rebag Infinity is the ultimate way to keep your collection fresh. For instance, this data helps us determine how often users are satisfied with the first result of a query and how often they proceed to later results. You agree that we may collect and use your information in accordance with the Rebag Privacy Policy as the same may be updated from time to time. We ship with USPS for purchases shipping to PO boxes and military addresses only. with a Facebook button). After multiple years of operation, we have accumulated an extensive proprietary database that enables us to provide competitive offers. This may include particular accessories. Once the shipping label is attached, youre ready to ship. The Purchase Price is the original price you paid at checkout for the item including discounts and promotions, but excluding shipping and taxes. Unlike renting or leasing, you remain the owner of the item as soon as you pay the purchase price until you decide to exchange it. OK, so this one's no secret for girls wanting to score some designer clothes on the cheap eBay pretty much paved the way for every at-home vendor. You may request for us to remove signature tracking, but Rebag cannot be held responsible for the package if it is not successfully delivered. If you chose to click on one of these buttons or links, your browser connects directly to the servers of the relevant social network. It is your responsibility to check or review these Terms from time to time to keep informed of any changes. If you become aware of an unauthorized payment transaction or of a delayed or incorrectly executed transaction, you must notify us immediately by contacting our customer service representative. If you have Rebag Credit, provide your code to a store associate at checkout and the amount will be deducted from your total. We do all the heavy lifting for you. Rebag reserves the right to change or modify these Terms & Conditions or any policy, FAQ, or guideline pertaining to Seller Funds incentives, in whole or in part, at any time and in its sole discretion. Rebag reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time. Rebag uses cookies for the following general purposes: (a) to track your preferences, such as the address or local zip code you enter; (b) to access your information when you sign in so we can provide you with your personalized content ; (c) to display the most appropriate advertisements, based on your interests and activity on our web site; and (d) and to help us analyze and estimate our traffic and use of features on the Services. By clicking Sign up, you agree to receive marketing emails from Insider If returned online, you will be charged $20 for each return shipping label being used, Upon receipt of the return, you will receive a refund to your original payment method, regardless of reason, within 10 business days, both for instore and online returns. Conversely, a brand could suddenly decide to actually meet demand and produce large quantities of a popular item, which would force the resale value back down. Please refer to our Terms of Service. When redeemed, gift card amounts are added to the user's Rebag Credit balance as Rebag Credit that never expires and can only be used to purchase items on Rebag website and apps. how much does rebag charge to sell . 14.95% on total amount of the sale up to $7,500 calculated per item. For high-end accessories especially, resale price is a moving target based on an increasingly complex web of factors. All Offers from Rebag to purchase submitted Products are non-binding and indicative only. We frequently receive products free of charge from manufacturers to test. As such, Rebag reserves the right, at any time prior to payment, to: (a) Correct an error. Similar Prada bags with subtle variations in price on Fashionphile. These trusted partners include companies with which Rebag may operate co-branded websites or web-pages to expand their services using Rebags Services. 2 years ago Updated Sales tax is charged for online purchases shipped to the following US states: ALABAMA ARIZONA ARKANSAS CALIFORNIA COLORADO CONNECTICUT DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA FLORIDA GEORGIA HAWAII ILLINOIS INDIANA KANSAS KENTUCKY LOUISIANA MARYLAND MASSACHUSETTS MICHIGAN MINNESOTA Condition Defined. We use real-time advanced pricing algorithms for intelligent pricing that is derived from internal data and external market trends. What happens after accepting the quote? Accessibility Policy. You must transact using your Rebag Rewards registered email address to have any Rebag Rewards points credited to your Rebag Rewards account. Learn more. As a result, ending up with a fake is now less of a concern for shoppers (though not impossible). You can keep it for as long as you want, its yours! The fees you pay depend on the number of listings you have, the product category of the item you're selling, and whether you have an eBay Store Subscription. Your Rebag Wallet Seller Funds account is not eligible for FDIC pass-through insurance. WE PROVIDE THE REBAG SERVICES AND WEBSITE "AS IS", "WITH ALL FAULTS," AND "AS AVAILABLE", WITHOUT EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND. Fendi. The social network directly transmits the content of the plugin to your browser. Any unclaimed referral rewards will be forfeited at that time. For even faster service, bring your items to a Rebag store, and we will complete the quoting, vetting and payment process in less than 60 minutes. Checks take 2-7 business days for delivery by mail. Do not send items that are non-operative or with physical damage that inhibits use. One of those places is Rebag, a slightly newer platform that also focuses on designer accessories. You are responsible for ensuring that you can receive emails from Rebag, and Rebag is not responsible for any emails that were not received by you because they were blocked or filtered as spam. For example, emails must be created and distributed in a personal manner and bulk email distribution is strongly discouraged. Indemnity. Rebag reserves the right to revoke the original offer and provide a revised offer for the Product if: (a) the Product and/or materials are not as described,(b) the Product is received by Rebag after the Delivery Period, and/or (c) Rebag receives Product(s) that are different from those identified when your offer was calculated. By using the Rebag Services, you agree to indemnify Rebag from all claims or losses sustained by Rebag as a result of any breach of these representations and warranties. Shipping costs are as follows: Please note that customers are responsible upon delivery for any import duties, goods and services tax (GST), value added tax (VAT), customs fees, and any other tax on top of the Rebag purchase price. For more information about each such third party, please refer to the third party's privacy policy. You acknowledge that there may be instances when Rebag revises the trade-in value of the item if the inspection results differ from what was described at the time of the original offer. Sales tax is charged for online purchases shipped to the following US states: Arizona California Colorado Connecticut Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Massachusetts Maryland Michigan Missouri North Carolina New Jersey Nevada New York Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania South Carolina Texas Virginia Washington Wisconsin Sales tax is charged for in store purchases placed in any of our retail locations. The Rebag Website and any correspondence related to a transaction may contain typographical errors or other errors or inaccuracies and may not be complete or current. The Product will be retained by Rebag and destroyed within one month. If you have Rebag Credit, enter your code into the Rebag Credit field at checkout, and the amount will be deducted from your total. Upon approval, we will proceed with payment. By accessing or using the Services, you agree to be bound by all of our terms and conditions. Once received, our team of experts will go through a thorough authentication process. By joining the Program, you hereby agree to be bound by any such changed Terms. We may offer bonus points events from time to time and in that circumstance the bonus points offer would apply. Rebag will use its discretion to determine the Product value, weighing factors that may include the Product's model, functionality and condition and whether necessary Product accessories have been provided by you. Not only do they retain their value, but they also go up in value every year. If you do not pay the $10 return fee, the Product will remain the property of Rebag. But trends change fast, so we encourage you to use Rebag Infinity so you (and your closet) can have nonstop newness. how much does rebag charge to sell Menu crave frozen meals superstore. Rebag will also remind you of the outstanding new offer one or more times during the New Offer Period. Rebag founder and CEO Charles Gorra shares the best styles to invest in right now. In a way, this approach encourages future sales by creating a loop for customers. Resell it within six months, and you're eligible for up to 75% cashback, and so on all in Rebag site credits. No returns can be accepted on international purchases. Sign up for our newsletter to get honest reviews on top products & services delivered weekly to your inbox. The current national average for total commission is 5.37%. Outlet - Final Sale items are not eligible for Rebag Infinity buyback. Rebag Credit is store credit for you to use on purchases on the app, online at, or in store at any Rebag store location. Rebag backs this up with a real offer to pay you the quoted amount then and there, if you decide to sell. If you don't have a Store, the maximum final value fee that you can be charged for any one item that you sell will be $750. +93 20 22 34 790 If you request a prepaid shipping label, a shipping label is sent to the email address associated with your account, so you can print and affix it to your own shipping box. . We welcome your feedback. and/or any Product damaged or lost in transit. Without notice to you, Rebag reserves the right to suspend any Seller Funds registered to your account and/or terminate your account and/or your participation in incentives if Rebag determines, in its sole discretion, that you have violated these Terms & Use or that the use of your Rebag account is unauthorized, deceptive, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful. This code gives customers 20% off at Rebag. 85% of the portion of the selling price above $3,000 will be paid to you. The seller pays this from the proceeds of the sale. Subscribe to our newsletter. For customers, we will follow local regulations in regards to masks and other protective measures. If you are registered on the relevant social network and logged into your respective account the social network receives the information that the web page was used by you. You'll send a variety of clear pictures of your bag, and Rebag will let you know if it wishes to purchase it. You are responsible for reviewing this Agreement each time you use the Rebag Website. ALL DISPUTES MUST BE ADJUDICATED IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. What factors go into setting and adjusting these prices? As part of the Perks of being a member, your Rebag Rewards Points may be redeemed at checkout for discount towards your transaction. Once the shipping label is attached, youre ready to ship. These Program Terms and Conditions apply to the Rebag Rewards Membership program. Non-Transferable. As Daniel Lee's designs began hitting the market, it lifted the resale value of all of Bottega Veneta bags, old and new. Terms and conditions modifying the Agreement are effective immediately upon posting. The inside is quite small and got crowded fast, and there are mirrors all over to give the appearance the store is larger. Accuracy of all Information. All offers will be based on Rebag's own determination of the Product value in reliance on the accuracy of the information you supply us. By acting as the middleman between those who want to sell their old luxury bags and those who want to buy new ones. To avoid revisions, please make sure the information provided is accurate and that youve accounted for any and all signs of wear.

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